I'm Lou Lowton, an experienced Maths tutor working in Malvern and Solihull.  I am a qualified teacher of  Maths for 13 years, examiner for Edexcel and OCR and recently Head of Maths in a busy High School for 6 years.  My role as Head of Maths was to structure provision of Maths to make sure all students enjoyed and excelled in Maths whatever their level.  This is possible!

I was also responsible for training Maths teachers, coaching qualified Maths teachers and developing the curriculum to give the best possible opportunities to our students.  As a result, I know what works and how to get the best out of young people in Maths.

Problems with Maths, mental blocks and low Maths esteem are unique to the student and small class sizes are vital to kicking obstacles out of the way in order to thrive in the beautiful subject!  I offer a very personalised service which includes supporting your child as an individual both in and out of classes within reason.  My aim is to understand what my students are good at, what they find difficult and why and then help students to get past this and maximise their potential.

I have been running the Maths Surgery in Solihull for over five years now and our results have been outstanding.  It has been a wonderful experience, having left full time education to work closely with my students and watch their confidence flourish and grow.  In 2015  I set up the Maths Surgery in Malvern for A2 students and I was really pleased to be able to roll that out to incorporate AS and GCSE in Malvern as well.  The classes are already filling up and I'm delighted with the response! Bring on 2019/2020!!

Lou Lowton Maths Teacher Tutor Malvern Solihull