My teachers told me I couldn't get more than an E grade. I saw Lou for 2 years once a week and got a B grade. It was hard work but we had a laugh and got it done. I recommend Lou to anyone looking to boost their grade.

Hannah (E to B) Redditch

Lou's an awesome tutor. She's really fun and makes it interesting and memorable. She tutored me for a year once a week and I moved from a D to a B grade. Thanks Lou

Gemma (D to B) Birmingham

I was lucky enough to find Lou's Maths Surgery when I was pretty much at the end of my tether with my daughter - you couldn't find someone with lower self esteem when it came to Maths, her results were poor and progress non-existent.

Lou saw her for less than a year and the change was remarkable. She used her considerable skills and experience to chip away at all the negative feelings towards the subject and remove all the obstacles to learning, moving my daughter from an E to a C grade. It's probably hard to appreciate what an achievement that is for my daughter and is testimony to Lou's patience, dedication and above all sense of humour in dealing with stroppy teenagers!

Don't make the mistake of thinking that all Maths Tutors are the same - when you pay for your lesson with Lou you are buying so much more than an hour of her time. She genuinely cares for her students and is always on hand to answer questions or give some carefully chosen words of encouragement. My daughter was lost in a big class at a big school and hated Maths - Lou managed to turn that around and even make my daughter laugh during lessons.

Thank you Lou for helping to open the doors for my daughter's future studies, she really couldn't have done it without you

Leah (E to C)

Lou provided a very friendly and flexible service that fitted around my work life.  Her tuition improved my Maths score significantly.  I would definitely recommend her to others sitting their UKCAT or other Maths exam.

Ben Wilson UKCAT exam

We are thrilled with Will's progress in maths.... I wasn't sure if he could handle A level.... But I am sure that your guidance is strengthening knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of maths!!

Linda Solihull

My son attended Lou's Maths surgery for two years. Lou is one of those very, very special people that you meet in life.

Her maths surgery, is just that.
She diagnosed that my son didn't have a problem with maths, just confidence.

She is patient and kind, but no pushover, she genuinely teaches work ethic and the results have been phenomenal, not just in work, but with his confidence also.

For some tutors its just about the money, for Lou it is genuinely vocational, and that has been proven time and time again, as she went above and beyond to help. My son's confidence grew and grew, and the results speak for themselves.

After exams, Lou sent Dan one of the most inspirational cards I have ever seen, asking him if she could be a part of his life and keep in touch, and he was visibly moved. But that is the one of a kind person Lou Lowton is...

I am honored to call Lou a friend now for life, and I cannot recommend her Maths surgery highly enough, for any child in a school system, who has been overlooked, or simply would like to boost results. Lou is one in a million.

Thank you Lou, you're the best surgeon around!!

Dan (D/E to B)

Thank you very much for all the help you have given to me, you have been an excellent teacher. I have improved a lot in my maths lessons because of your help.

SK Online tuition student

I shudder to think what Libby would have got without your help.  I'd gladly recommend your classes and wish we'd come sooner.  Thanks for making them fun and averting disaster.

Karen West Midlands

Hi Lou! Just to let u know I got  an A*in Maths and an A in Further Maths which I'm so pleased about!!  Thank u so much for all your help I seriously couldn't have done it without u!

Emma (S1 100 UMS, C1 90 UMS C2 97 UMS!!) Solihull

The Maths Surgery is a brilliant experience for people who feel they need help with maths. It's friendly, insightful, and effective for anyone wanting to better their mathematics skills.  Lou is enthusiastic, bubbly, and professional. Thank you Lou for all of your help and support over the past year - I couldn't have done it without you.

Holly (E to C) Solihull

Just to say an enormous THANK YOU!  Rebecca was absolutely thrilled with her result. Rebecca worked hard, but we really appreciate your wonderful support and excellent tutoring sessions to encourage her confidence and her ability, we know you were a fantastic influence on her gaining an A in her A level.

Rebecca enjoyed her lessons as you made them fun and provided a great learning environment. Rebecca and I would not hesitate in recommending you to all!  You are an inspiration and such a positive teacher and those attributes were key to Rebecca's success. Nothing was too much trouble for you and your invaluable skills certainly gave Rebecca the confidence she needed.

We wish you all the very best for your Maths Surgery and thank you once again!

Janine Solihull

The Maths Surgery has helped me to build my confidence in Maths through working in a group of people of similar ages and Lou has helped me to become more independent and work on specific areas that I found challenging.  Thanks so much for all of your help Lou!

Becks (B to A) Solihull

Lou is an excellent teacher who has a great ability to make maths more approachable. Not only does she improve the students' understanding she gives them the confidence that they really can do the subject. She is even able to make extra maths on a saturday afternoon enjoyable! The small group means that everyone is able to cover areas where they feel less confident. Lou helps every student to maximise their potential.

Bryony (C to A)

Lou is a good teacher who explains topics in an easily understandable method. This helps us to get a good grasp of the topics quickly which helps us improve our grade. At the start of the year, I struggled with Maths. However, later on in the year I improved quickly and I felt as if I had a good understanding of the topics.

Haseeb (E to C)